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About Us

The UKZN Science & Technology Innovation Park (STIP) was established as a result of an initial partnership between UKZN and Eskom.

The partnership is open to other industries and organizations with interest in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Research and Innovation.

Projects undertaken in the Park are in line with its main theme of Energy and Environment for Sustainable Social Development

Future projects could encompass other fields such as bio-technology and ICT to nurture hitech industries in commercialization of innovative ideas and technologies.

Main focus area

  • Creation of awareness in Science, Engineering &Technology through community outreach.
  • Research in Centre's such as the Vibration Research & Testing Centre (VRTC), High Voltage Direct Current Centre (HVDC) have been established through partnerships with industry.
  • Commercialization of innovative research outputs in collaboration with UKZN, Industry & National Organizations.
 As indicated on diagram:
 1   Vibration Research & Testing Centre (VRTC)
 2  Smart Grid Centre
 3  High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Centre 
 4  Energy Research Centre
 5  Main building
 6  Small HVDC lab
   Completed/ Existing projects
   Future development

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